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The heat was unbearable

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Tari Elegele Nigerian actress, model, Queen and Mother was in top form this day. I fell down a hill and almost passed out from the heat…. and from the photos…

One thing I really love about these images are that the suitcase used was not some random prop, but is an item that once belonged to Tari’s mother. I felt honored she allowed me to capture her with this piece of her life. The trek climbing up this loose, steep hill carrying camera equipment, reflectors and belongings is part of a challenging day i will not soon forget. Before that the march through the empty desert like park was long, sweltering and, rewarding. The images, once all the best angles had been exhausted and the heatstroke moments from our door step, turned out sublime. Embodying the fierceness and poise of the glorious models that came before in the vein of Tyra Banks and Grace Jones; Tari provided the content of my wildest dreams, allowing for my lens, camera and memory card, all working in perfect harmony, to capture the images that future generation would hopefully one day behold and become inspired by. In the end all the blood, sweat and work was worth it and i believe Tari’s Mother would be proud as well!

It’s all about design

This well established Property Agent in Paris blew their competition out of the water with this beautifully designed property portfolio site. Obsessive attention to detail and a mobile first approach resulted in a site with a sophisticated light-box feature that adapts seamlessly to phone, tablet and desktop.