The more you dream, the farther you get [Formerly THEOJO.COM]

People like me must create, if we don’t, we become a menace to society!

My name is Anthony Ojo [OH-Jo] and i am a creative entity.

As a creative i love to Shoot 360 Degree Videos as well as standard Videos (my favorite camera to shoot on is the Arri Alexa). I am a photographer (my favorite camera is the Canon 1Dx….. for now). I am a coder getting proficient in python. I am a technophile who runs TechKnowBabble.net. And I build computers and 3D print. As you can see i like to express my creativity in any way my inspiration may strike me. So please feel free to take a tour of my place starting with my 360 Degree escapades below and when you are ready feel free to send me a message (no pressure)!

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